Vision and Goals

Our Goal:
To help effective ministries raise their part of $1 billion by the year 2020.
Our Vision:

 We envision Christian ministries, churches and community nonprofit organizations, and those who give to their support, fulfilling their missions to serve people worldwide and advance the Kingdom of God.

What Is Vision 2020?Vision 2020 Logo

It’s a common adage among ministry and nonprofit leaders: “If only we had more money, we could [fill in the blank].” Perhaps that blank is filled by creating a new program or expanding an existing one. Maybe an additional staff member is required or a new building needs to be built. The needs are many, and the funding is seemingly quite difficult to come by.
With this in mind, The Vision Group, Ltd., has developed a newly refined focus – to help you raise your part of one billion dollars for Christian ministries & community-based organizations by the year 2020. How? Through two essentials in development: vision casting and relationship building. We’re calling this campaign “Vision 2020.” It has the potential to have a major worldwide impact on organizations. Our goal through Vision 2020 is to foster a new environment for you. Don’t just ask for funding anymore. Now, cast vision and build long-term relationships with philanthropists, private foundations, key community partners, and other organizations. Vision 2020’s goal is much bigger than just securing fund. Rather, it is a convergence of nonprofits, ministries, philanthropists, and private foundations to make a significant impact on lives worldwide.


An overview of VISION 2020: "HOW DO WE GET INVOLVED?"

  • Step One

REFINE YOUR VISION : The Vision Group's goal for the first year of Vision 2020 was to provide community-based nonprofits, churches, and para-churches with training and resources to solidify their management and fundraising technique. We accomplished this through our Raise Your Vision Forums, Free Trainings, Coaching, and Membership in Vision 2020. Each of these growing opportunities offered a variety of workshops specifically geared toward effective development strategies. These opportunities are the first steps in getting involved with Vision 2020. We need to get to know you so that we can help you refine your vision.

  • Step Two

SHARE YOUR VISION: We have incorporated a philanthropy track in our series of Raise Your Vision forums and webinars. This track is geared toward philanthropists and foundations, connecting them with like-minded organizations through training, networking, and vision casting. In the autumn of 2012, we launched our communication media campaign to connect with funders from around the world. This media campaign is called Generous Life and includes social networking, radio, TV, magazines, and public relations. These media outlets will establish communication channels to tell the stories of "What is happening around the world"- through your organization.

  • Step Three

CONNECT THE VISION: In your third stage of involvement, we begin facilitating effective partnerships between nonprofits, churches, para-churches, philanthropists, and foundations by matching funders with appropriate organizations. We will select twelve effective organizations each year to be showcased each month through our media outlets. This builds an effective and focused campaign around the showcased organization. It will begin to draw funders, media, and communication outlets together in one focused harvest that will bring years of established relationship fruit. As plans continue to come together, we will make connecting points with all of the above. In addition, city/regional/national initiatives and movements lay the groundwork and build momentum needed to make a significant impact on ministries around the country. With your involvement, we'll be well on our way to helping you raise your portion of billion dollars for your effective work.

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You are invited to participate in a conversation with Mike Stickler, originator and author of Vision 2020. These conversations are for organization leaders like you and are limited in the number of participants. Please be sure you register early to insure your participation.

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