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Mike Stickler is a Christian expert in fundraising, stewardship, and generosity for Christian churches, ministries and community nonprofits. Here, you will find books and trainings on Christian Leadership in the area of resource development. He desires to see ministries and nonprofits - of all sizes - access learning the skills and obtaining the funding they need to fulfill their vision. We invite you to explore our site, take advantage of the free trainings and resources. 

Mike has a goal...

To help you raise your part of one billion dollars for Christian ministries and community-based nonprofits by the year 2020. How? Through two essentials in development: vision casting and relationship building. He calls this campaign “Vision 2020.” It has the potential to have a major worldwide impact on organizations.

Won't you join me in this ambitious endeavor?

Raise Your Vision

Freebie Friday: Podcast with Philanthropist Arch Bonemma

October 17, 2014

Get your free Podcast about mentoring up and coming Christian Philanthropists and Marketplace Leaders. Arch Bonemma is well know Christian Philanthropist.  (Click on the Image for the Free Download)

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Make Fundraising a Party with a Purpose By Mike Stickler

October 14, 2014

park event MikeStickler.comVision-based fundraising invites involvement

The vision-based approach invites people to come on board and participate in fulfilling the purpose for which the organization was formed in the first place. It engages them and encourages deeper and deeper relationships with the organization. So the idea is to move from need to vision, because then people come into partnership with us rather than merely being cash cows. Nobody likes to be a cash cow. But people love to be part of something that’s meaningful.

One thing that’s really surprising to me is how few ministries and organizations and churches have a compelling, clearly defined vision that ignites them and their community and guides their efforts. But without doing the work of clarifying your vision and making it clear to people, it becomes very difficult to engage them in what you’re doing.

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