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I have a goal – to help you raise your part of one billion dollars for Christian ministries and community-based organizations by the year 2020. How? Through two essentials in development: vision casting and relationship building. I call this campaign “Vision 2020.” It has the potential to have a major worldwide impact on organizations.

Won't you join me in this ambitious endeavor?

Raise Your Vision

An Often-Overlooked Key to Capacity Building by Mike Stickler

July 22, 2014

One of the most fruitful areas your ministry can invest time and energy in is philanthropy development—building relationships with major donors in your community. The effort that you put into these influential and affluent individuals will make a huge difference to your organization. Being intentional about developing those relationships is a key piece to your capacity building activities. Marketplace leaders and philanthropists are involved in giving significant funding to ministries and to nonprofits. Their lives are rooted in the business and professional realms, so they usually have broad reach into the community. They can bring a lot of resources to your organization, which can ultimately play a big role in building capacity for your enterprise. Now, I’m not in any...

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Why Your Marketing Might Be Failing by Mike Stickler

July 15, 2014

A church in Pennsylvania spent $3000 to air a year’s worth of professionally produced TV spots on their county’s cable network. During that entire year, the church only got two phone calls in response to the ads—one to complain about the content and the other to ask what Bible translation they used. Why did this well-produced marketing effort fail? Geography was a big part of it. Even though the spots aired throughout the county, the vast majority of the population lived much too far away to consider attending the church—a detail that was overlooked in the excitement of planning. Marketing efforts often are begun with hopeful anticipation of great results. Then later, when the results are measured, there’s disappointment and...

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